Get Your Very Own Sales Network

Reach millions of consumers through a network of motivated brand ambassadors.

Get Me Charlie!

Who is Charlie?

For years you’ve used diverse advertising methods to reach your audience. You've filled every space from billboards to shirt logos and exhausted every channel from radios to podcasts.

But today, people have realized that they are all connected and linked through virtual communities. They, the people, have realized that they are the most influential and effective spokespersons for your brand. So, if you want to stay ahead of your competition, what better way than to hire the world to work for you.

How It Works

Ready to meet the network that will propel your brand!

Step One

Share your target market

Step Two

Launch your campaign

Step Three

Track campaign performance

Why Get Me Charlie!

Power of Referral

People will trust recommendations from their friends, family and neighbors over the traditional marketing campaigns. Ability to directly connect with your market – While they may not be your traditional celebrities or athletes, they know just the audience your brand is looking for.

Amplified Impact

They have the power to influence and drive consumers during the buying decision process.

Win-win situation

As a brand you can request actions and goals you want to see completed for your marketing campaign. Influencers can do just this in exchange for compensation.

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