FAQs For Brands!

How do I sign up my Brand?

Click: Get Me Charlie!

Fill in the info about your brand and get ready to create campaigns for your products!

Who can join as a Brand?

Let us answer a question by a question. Are you looking to get your very own sales network? Do you want to better control and monitor your sales and marketing costs? If so, then our match is made in e-heaven and we hope you sign-up and say Get Me Charlie!

Our current focus is on small to medium sized Ecommerce brands developed by highly talented and innovative designers – we mean you

Who is a “Charlie”?

Our Charlies are entrepreneurial stylists who identify with your brand and want to promote them to their network (clients / friends / family) via personally curated boutiques. They want to be part of your brand’s growth story! Becoming a Charlie has meant grasping an opportunity to promote growing brands and hundreds of thousands of women benefit from such an opportunity. Our Charlies create curated looks that feature your brand within the right context thus helping you sell more.

Simply put it’s a win-win!

Why should I Sign-up?

This is the sales channel that has been missing for small to medium sized brands. We know how costly it can be to reach your target consumer with existing marketing, and sales avenues and still get no results! Our platform allows you to easily setup campaigns for our Charlies and manage your costs.

What are the key services that my brand will receive?

We provide access for your brand to stylists, the Charlies, registered on our platform. We will also provide you one-on-one help to create snazzy campaigns… including professional copy writers and our cool team will create hype videos of your product to help educate your products!

What’s my Cost?

We charge by subscription and access to our platform can be gained for our early bird special of $249/month. Your campaigns are free to create and you decide how much commission or cost per click you are willing to give to your stylists, the Charlies! We provide an easy to follow Cost Report which shows all your fees ready to be analyzed for any needed timeframe. We value your business and we want to see you succeed!

I’m having trouble logging in!

We apologize for any inconvenience! Please send the error message to hello@getmecharlie.com and our team will resolve the issue at the soonest.

How can I find my most influential Charlie within a specific time frame?

Our amazing algorithm makes sure that your campaigns are available to the best Charlie for your Brand. You can view who has decided to promote your product and send them messages directly!

How often will I need to pay?

Our subscription fees are charged on a monthly basis. Your commissions will be charged twice a month if you have accrued $50 or more of such costs.

Do I need to offer a specific type of product?

Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle products for women is our bread and butter but we welcome all products.

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